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First PxP of The 2020 Season

Yesterday Afternoon, I broadcasted my first game of the 2020 cavaliers basketball season. I did play by play of the girls game followed by the guys game, in which the girls lost, but the guys picked up with win.

There’s a lot of preparation that goes into getting ready to call a game. I recored interviews with both Coach McKenna and Coach Graves ahead of time, that were both broadcasted before their respected games. Interviews with Toby Harris and Amelia Kass were also recored ahead of time and played at halftime of each game.

Before the game, I’ll have the opposing teams rosters memorized so I’m able to recognize a player’s number and decipher which player that is during the game. I try to get as much information as possible on not only on our squads, but the other teams’. Little tidbits such as that Cole’s opening performance at Cary Academy dropping 34 points, and moving him into second all time are great factoids to give the listeners during the game.

Overall, it was such a good feeling to be back out there doing what I love. All the information gained from speaking to real life professionals in the industry is really helping me become a better broadcaster. I’m super excited to get this season underway, and keep doing what I love!