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Interview with head soccer coach, Coach Cochran (PART 2)

Today, I sat down with head varsity soccer coach, Mr. Cochran. The preparation for an interview with a coach matters even more than how well you conduct the interview. You have to build not only a good sense about what you’re going to discuss, the really try and understand the team as whole. Obviously I have a leg up with soccer, being the varsity goalie, but the approach still has to be the same every time. Having a good understanding of the team will help tremendously, but you also need to know the coach on a personal level. This involves researching them ahead of time, and doing your homework on them. Often, professional sportscasters lack of of these two things. If a coach is giving you the time to talk to them, you need to make the most of it, and owe it to them to be prepared. The more preparation you do, the better off you’ll be.

We discussed the teams season and success thus far, and habits that have molest us into a smarter team. The interview will be broadcasted before this Friday’s home playoff game.